Other agents just show houses that seem to fit your checklist. Fernando treats each deal as if he is buying the house right along with you, like it’s his investment, too. On more than one occasion, he told us his gut feeling about a house or neighborhood. In hindsight, he was right each time. He also taught us how to ‘kick the tires’ on a house – how to look beyond the fresh paint and staged furniture. Fernando made us savvier buyers, and we needed that.Marilyn P., Brookland and Petworth buyer

Purchasing a home has been a fundamental part of life since the first humans clawed their way into caves. Shelter is primal, and ownership is the natural evolution from leasing. With ownership, this eons-old need for a roof over one’s head goes from being a way to keep the rain off to an investment often the most significant in one’s life. Whether cave, hut or castle, this home now has value beyond its immediate worth as shelter. As your property, it becomes part of your amassed wealth, an asset that can work for you in myriad ways.

As such a crucial component of not only your portfolio but also, simply put, your life, you need the best advice and expertise you can possibly get. And you should expect as much of it as you like. Advice and expertise only go so far if they’re being doled out at your Realtor’s convenience, rather than yours

You know you’ve got a solid team behind you if they’re stepping up at every turn to support your actions in this transaction. You have every reason to expect the following of your Realtor:

Your Realtor or team is there to support you not only in the hunt for your home, but in the hunt for financing. The agent worth your while will offer significant guidance on finding a lender who will get you approved.
He or she will explain the home-buying process in all its detail, down to the most minor minutiae if you like. Never has the axiom, there are no stupid questions, been more true. A good Realtor wants to educate you, never leave you in the dark.

Your real-estate team will be listening to you every step of the way. If you feel that communication is lacking or that you’re not being heard, you’re not with the right agent.

The exemplary Realtor the one you deserve will never leave you feeling abandoned. From the day you choose your agent till the day you close, the agent worth your business is the one who will be attentive throughout.


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