Four by Four

While it looks nothing like D.C., this project in Texas is another great example of the creativity being brought to America’s 21st century housing market. One plot of riverside land, four distinct couples and four distinct dwellings by Austin architect Matt Garcia.

Photo via Treehugger.com /  Copyright Matt Garcia Design

Photo via Treehugger.com / Copyright Matt Garcia Design

“The interiors of the 350-square-foot (32.5 square-meter) cabins are conceived with a studio-style layout, and feel open and airy, with a simple but modern aesthetic,” writes Kimberley Mok for Treehugger.com. “From the plywood panelled walls to the low-cost, plate steel, pipe-fixture shelving, the materials are basic and left unfinished to give a rustic yet contemporary feel.”

A twist on the “cohousing” trend that’s been making headlines lately, this project and others like it are bound to be featured at the upcoming National Cohousing Conference, running May 29 to 31 in Durham, N.C. –Will O’Bryan, MetroNando licensed operations manager 

For greater details of the Texas project, as well as a full gallery of photos, please visit Kimberley Mok’s story at Treehugger.com

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